Rafflecopter of Matchstick Men

Hey Everyone!

As we know, there are countless amazing books released every single day, and having yours noticed is either a stroke of incredible luck or – most often – it’s achieved by the kindness of others: family, friends, readers, reviewers.

I posted not too long ago about two such amazing books: On His Knees and Matchstick Men by Adira August.

In that post I spoke about being a submissive and the difficulty I’m often presented with when finding books (I feel) accurately reflect the healthy, happy, strong, well-adjusted individuals I believe us to be. Again, these two books do that in a very entertaining way; after all, reading fiction is mostly about entertainment, right? *smiles* Oh yeah, these books hit ‘all the right spots’ in that respect, too. *naughty grins*

Circling back to the first paragraph above, and how challenging it can be to get your book noticed, a few friends and I teamed up to pay it forward and, hopefully, get these two books a bit more well-deserved recognition. Paired with the generous hosts sites listed below, is a Rafflecopter offering twenty <20> eBook copies of Matchstick Men.

So, if you’re interested in reading a few books where, in my humble opinion, the author gets it (submissives) right, download the Instafreebie copy of On His Knees, and then enter the giveaway for Matchstick Men. With both, you’ll find vivid characters, well-rounded stories, and an utterly beautiful D/s dynamic. But, fair warning, you may also find yourself with a major book hangover. *winks*

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to offer our sincere gratitude not only to the blog sites which are hosting this giveaway, but to all reviewers. Y’all are incredible! The devotion of time and energy in reading books, composing helpful recommendations, and generally assisting authors is unmeasurable – just as our eternal thanks is. Yeah, y’all effin’ rock!

To enter the Rafflecopter giveaway, click any of these gracious host sites:

Attention Is Arbitrary
Books Laid Bare Boys
Diverse Reader
Kimmers’ Erotic Book Blog (includes a review)
OJ He Say!
The Blogger Girls (includes a review)
The Way She Reads (includes a review)

Peace, happy reading, and best of luck with the giveaway,

Quillon’s Covert Part of Diverse Readers’ Top April Picks and Giveaway


Hey Everyone!

Each month Meredeth King, over at Diverse Reader, selects her ten top reads of the month and then holds a giveaway for one of the book on that list. Louis Stevens and I couldn’t be more humbled by the company Quillon’s Covert is holding on her April list. Need a few reading ideas for May? Head on over and check out her post – oh, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway while you’re there!

From Meredith’s Website


Another month has come to an end. I read more books in April than I have any month this year so far. That said I have 10 books as my Top Reads this month. Technically 11 but one of them is free to buy so it’s not part of the giveaway at the end. I will however add the link so you can get the free book.
These books stood out to me. They are stuck in my head and hopefully will never leave. It needs to be said this was super difficult. I read so man amazing books and you authors really and truly rocked my world this month. So thank you!


Meredeth’s List and Giveaway
Louis Steven’s Website
Quillon’s Covert Page