JLT Newsletter Jan 6th, 2017

Wes’ Denial


I’m so honored Wes’ Denial was selected as a top read of 2016 for Meredith at Diverse Reader, JustJen at The Blogger Girls, and Kim and Kimmers’ Erotic Book Banter.

Meredith’s review can be found HERE.
JustJen’s can be found HERE.
Kim’s can be found HERE.
Again, I’m completely thrilled you ladies enjoyed your time with my work!

shiMMer Signing Event


If you haven’t yet purchased your tickets for the event, there’s a 3-day flash sale happening this weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

I’m so excited to be traveling to the UK…I hope to see y’all there! All the deets regarding the event can be found HERE.




KEBB’s Read For a Cause Event

read_for_a_causeAuthors! Check this out from Kimmers Erotic Book Banter:

“KEBB will offer BUNDLES to our readers – at a discounted price – with all the proceeds going directly to The Trevor Project. Bundles of like reads (such as M/M, M/F, BDSM, Taboo, etc.) will be offered at well below market price. For example: If 4 books would regularly sell for $20 we might offer the package at $10.”

All the deets can be found HERE.


payhipPayHip is an online marketplace many indie authors who write LGBTQI fiction are now using in addition to more widely known venues, such as Smashwords. To see a short list of authors who are utilizing PayHip, check out the links below.

My marketplace (with a 25% discount for sharing on social media) HERE.
Facebook Group HERE.
LIly G. Blunt’s directory HERE.

Happy New Year!



ARe Closing and Alternate Marketplaces

Hi everyone!

Sadly, it was announced today, via email, that ARe will be closing its doors on the 31st of this month. Thus, I thought it might be helpful to offer links to the alternate marketplaces where my work is currently available.

As some of my work is considered taboo, particular books may not be found at all marketplaces. Please check my website for an up-to-date list of retailers.

As always, you have my most sincere thanks for your support. I couldn’t do what I do without each of you!

Peace and happy holidays,

P.S. As an aside: My work is not currently, nor will it ever be, enrolled in Amazon KU. I believe all of us – readers, authors, publishers, etc – benefit greatly from fair and meaningful competition. The allowance of publishing control over content, pricing, royalties, etc. to one entity is, in my humble opinion, incredibly dangerous to each and every one of us.


Goodreads Member’s Choice Awards – Voting Now Open

Hi Everyone!

Voting is now open for the 2016 Goodreads Member’s Choice Awards. To say I’m humbled is a tremendous understatement; ten nominations is insane!  Please allow me to offer my most sincere thanks to each of you. These nominations are the direct result of you! Massive love to each of you.

If you’d like to vote, I’ve placed a link to each category I’ve been nominated in below.

Peace & and huge gratitude,

Nomination Categories 

Joseph Lance Tonlet
All-Time Favorite M/M Author

Wes’ Denial
All-Time Favorite M/M Series (Tease and Denial)
All-Time Favorite M/M Romance
Best Book of the Year
Best Contemporary/Mainstream
Best Dark Theme
Best Established Couple
 (Wes & Grif)
Best Kink/Fetish
Best Main Character (Wes)


Quillon’s Covert Receives Runner-Up Award – 2016 Rainbow Awards

Louis Stevens and I are so proud to have taken part in the 2016 Rainbow Awards. This year’s event saw over 400 books submitted, with 165 participating judges, and raised more than $14,000 for LGBT charities. We are humbled beyond words that Quillon’s Covert not only reached the final round, but also garnered a prestigious Runner-up award in the Erotic Romance category. We’d like to offer our sincere thanks to everyone who participated, and to Elisa Reviews for holding the yearly event. Lastly, our most heartfelt congratulations to all the authors who received awards.

A full copy of the judge’s review for Quillon’s Covert can be found here.

Louis & JLT


Kimmers’ Erotic Book Banter Reblog – Day One – Blog-iversary 12 HoliDays of Romance Giveaways

Reblog from Kimmer’s Erotic Book Banter



Today marks the start of our 12 HoliDays of Romance Giveaways
in celebration of Kimmers’ Erotic Book Banters 1 year anniversary!

We are delighted to have so many wonderful authors joining us for this momentous occasion and we thank them for their unwavering support over the past year.

We here at the Banter realize that we would not be marking this milestone if it were not for the hard work of all the wonderful writers we have had the pleasure to work with or the valued readership from our clientele.

So, with that in mind we have partnered with several scribers whose books we have been honored to read over the last 365 days to offer our followers some “swag”.

Click HERE for the full post and to enter the giveaway!


The 6th Annual Goodreads M/M Romance Group Members’ Choice Awards – Now OPEN!


Hey Everyone!

It’s that time of year again. Woohoo! Show your favorite authors / books some love by giving them a nomination! All the deets can be found at this LINK. (Must be a M/M Romance Group member to participate.)


Strangeland Photography Heats Things Up For The Trevor Project



This 2017 calendar from Strangeland Photography and Bad Doggie Designs features nine gorgeous couples to bring a little heat to your winter and plenty of bare skin to your summer.

This is the perfect holiday gift to yourself, and everyone whose cockles are warmed by images that affirm that love is love.

Your purchase of a calendar is also a gift to The Trevor Project, which does crucial work in crisis and suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth. All profits from the calendar will be donated to this important organization.

Get your calendars here:

Large format: http://www.lulu.com/shop/strangeland-photography-and-bad-doggie-designs/strangeland-photography-2017-calendar-large-format/calendar/product-22956906.html

Standard format: http://www.lulu.com/shop/strangeland-photography/strangeland-photography-2017-calendar/calendar/product-22955886.html

I picked mine up! Grab yours…LGBTQI teens will thank you!